söndag 26 april 2009

the issues, LOTR style.

Ok, so the isp's are slowly but surely forced to show colours in this battle. After years of broadband internet beeing used mainly for filesharing, some providers suddently seem reluctant to protect the people who have been lining their pockets for the past decade.

My current isp seemed confused by the issue when first approached, and later specified their position on keeeping logs as "irrelevant" since i had a static ip adress. Way to inspire confidence, i'll be checking out of your service as quickly as I can.

I thought the whole situation warranted a bit of high fantasy, but omitted likening the piratebay defendants to hobbits, mostly because I couldnt figure out which one Carl Lundström was supposed to be.

The spiffy Serenity poster in the last frame was found here.

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