torsdag 7 maj 2009

A natural conclusion.

In their continued Sisyphean fight against the nature of the digital age, ifpi have apparently started to cast a wider net, looking to prove that isp's are complicit in the crime of illegal filesharing. This comes as no suprise to those of us who followed the TPB-trial, where the prosecution likened TPB to a man holding the coat of someone who was beating up some poor bastard on the sidewalk.

For those of you trying to wrap your head around that simily, I feel I have to wonder if a more apt comparison might be that TPB is like the rather spaced-out guy who is often tending the coat room in a club, where a fight inevitably breaks out on the dancefloor. The guy is barely organised enough to remember who put what in there, which is why there's a notice on the wall saying "we take no responsibility for any valuables lost".

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